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Life goes on.

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It's been 5 months and 11 days since we moved to Louisville, yet my friends say they see me more now than they did when I was home. This past weekend was the first weekend I've spent in Louisville in 5 weeks. Yikes! Friday hit and my bags weren't packed. Now what? Well, believe it or not, I had a meltdown. I didn't realize letting go would be so difficult. Shouldn't I have realized this by now? I mean, it's been almost 5.5 months already! 

All of last week I decided to unplug from social media and news for a few weeks to refocus my mind on a few personal goals. It's been 10 days (with the exception of logging in this morning for my MUA MIA) and so much has happened. I'm proud to say, i've been eating clean (4 lbs down), exercising, setting and focusing on business goals, and spending lots of time with Jax and Quinton. It's been a breath of fresh air, no negativity, just us... living. Despite unplugging, after logging in this morning I realized life goes on with or without you. WOW! So in this life, how are you making a positive impact on others? 






Rachael & Nakia: Lifestyles of the Monconduit and Wooden Family

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From NOLA to JACKSON10, the Monconduit-Wooden love began. Welcome to the lifestyle of the Monconduit-Wooden Family! Rachael and Nakia's union went down in the record books...

"Top 5 weddings in Peabody history" - Historic Peabody Staff 
"It was Magical!" - Rachael, The Bride

Magical indeed. Love from the Midsouth with a bit of a New Orleans twist, this wedding celebration left me speechless. If I could use only three words to describe the experience... "Culture of Love". That's it! This experience was a Culture of Love. A combination of New Orleans, LA and Bolivar, TN embraced the love for a traditional Catholic wedding, that was simple, classic, and luxurious. The ceremony was held at St. Mary's Catholic Church, followed by the reception at the Historic Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN. Ending with a bang, The Michael Foster Project 2nd line band of New Orleans, LA led the parade from the Peabody to Beale Street. Giving the city of Memphis and Beale Street a sweet taste from the creole culture and Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA. 

Selfie Darling

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HOLD UP! HOLD Up! Is this me? 

I get that reaction 99% of the time when I photograph other women. I've been photographed before and it is rather liberating. However I never imagined in a million years that I could make my self feel so good! Yesterday I set out on a mission to take a few self portraits. I guess you can call them selfies right? Well... I took a few selfies!!! Man oh man, I couldn't be more pleased! 

I'm a Self-Inspiration Model!!! Haha I just made that up.

My clients call me a Photo Therapist!

I'm a Professional Photographer!



Hi! I'm Tru

I Enjoy Life!

I'm a Happy go Lucky country girl from TN with city girl dreams!

I want to work with you!

Wife Wisdom Wednesday: Love Language #3 - Receiving Gifts

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"If he liked it then he should've put a ring on it." -Beyonce
"Some people want it all
But I don't want nothing at all
If it ain't you, baby
If I ain't got you, baby
Some people want diamond rings
Some just want everything
But everything means nothing
If I ain't got you, yeah" - Alicia Keys
"You're all I need to get by." - Marvin Gaye
"We love so strong and so unselfishly
And I made a vow so I tell you now
I'm giving you the best that I got, baby
I bet everything on my wedding ring
I'm giving you the best that I got,
Givin' it to you baby" - Anita Baker

The lyrics from the four songs above, pretty much explain the gifts of love in a marriage life cycle. 

You know in the beginning, "the ring" is expected. After a few years, the ring has earned its keep, it signifies an everlasting sign of love, but being with your love is more important. Then at some point, the marriage begins to "go through" you know the hard times. You being to miss where you were in the beginning. If only things were like they use to be, you could get by. Now!!!! Y'all have made it through the storm, reflecting on the vows you made, betting everything on that wedding ring. GIVE IT THE BEST YOU GOT from this day forward!


"Visual symbols of love are more important to some people than to others." - Gary Chapman

Are you that girl who swoons over flowers being delivered to the office, or better yet, when your man is the one to surprise you at work, flowers in hand, prepared to take you to lunch? Are you that girl, who can't wait to show off that new handbag he got you for your birthday? Are you that girl who waits for him to say, "I'm all yours tonight, I've made plans just for us"? It's ok, not matter what. Receiving gifts, may just be your love language! You know, "us" on IG and FB can usually spot you out with all the pictures posted about the "gift"!!! Oh and those newly engaged, the best gift ever is to get that "RING", post it to IG, then celebrate, right? Right! 

Personally, I'm not a materialistic person, I think gifts are very nice, I even enjoy giving them, but I've always had a hard time receiving them. My mom always taught me, if someone gives you something, never turn it down, and say thank you. Why? Because they are giving to you out of love. That may be the only way that person knows how to express their love for you. And for that reason, you should be appreciative and receive it as a gift of their love. You may think, yeah I get it, but he only gave this to me because I was mad. Well, maybe he did, but at least he tried. Maybe he doesn't truly know and understand that you like to receive gifts outside of birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. You are assuming that he should should know this, but have you communicated that with him? Did you let him know that it is important for him to validate is love by showering you with gifts every now and then? Probably not, if you did, I can guarantee it was in the heat of an argument and he wasn't listening. LOL!!! Sorry for laughing, it's funny, cause I've been there... In my mind. Without revealing my love language, I will go ahead and say receiving gifts is not my primary love language and there have been times when I thought to myself, he should know what I want by now. Thinking back, I never verbally expressed it!!! 

In the book "The 5 Love Languages" Chapman describes a few different scenarios on giving and receiving gifts. I won't go into details here, go get the book! However, the one that stuck out to me the most was THE GIFT OF SELF. It is important for my husband to be there, when I need to laugh, cry, smile. When I'm frustrated or when I am celebrating. I just need him there, by my side to hold my hand. To say, "I got you baby"or "It's going to be ok". HA!!! I don't think I've ever told him this. Even though he does a good job at it, I should probably tell him.

On the flip side, is receiving gifts your husband's love language? Have you been slacking on giving him material things or even the gift of you? Ask yourself WHY? If you are unsure or if he may have done something that has caused you to hold back, just remember

"It is more blessed to give than to receive." Acts 20:35   

Because at the end of the day, when you are meeting your spouses needs, he will meet yours in return. Always keep your communication open and clear. Don't deprive each other of the love you both deserve. HE LIKED IT. HE PUT A RING ON IT. GIVE IT THE BEST THAT YOU'VE GOT, BABY!!!




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And the winner is...

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Ok, so over the past 3 months, I have been working really hard trying to finish the new studio. I've tackled more DIY projects than I bargained for at one time. Each day I step into the new space and think how much God has blessed me to find my life's purpose and to have the opportunity to fulfill it even when I don't feel worthy enough. The other day, I was riding down the street, meditating, asking God if he could just give me a sign... You know, more confirmation that I'm on this journey because he sent me there. God said clearly, "Tru, I've given you enough signs. I am right here with you." My response was "Awh... OK..." *thinking to myself* I feel so stupid for even asking cause I already knew this. God has a sense of humor, he knew I would be asking anyway.  At that very moment I thought, "Well lets do this!" 

There are a few things on my goal list that I wanted to accomplish in the next few months, but being in a new city, I had no idea where to being. Until God showed me. I picked up a local magazine called "Today's Woman. Inside was everything I needed to start serving in my purpose and events to begin marketing my business. So, in about 4 weeks I plan to market Fancy to a group of women I've never met in a community that I adjusting too. I'm finalizing my branding and new marketing material, the studio is almost complete, and business plan is pretty much ready for execution! Therefore, I decided, there's nothing more rewarding than giving back to a community who has helped me succeed over the past 7 years.

This is why!!!

I have been so blessed and I want to encourage other women to walk by faith as they start or revitalize their careers. I'm fully aware of some to the hardships I had to endure along my journey, so I just want to be a blessing and give back. As a professional woman in business, your vision will excel when operating with excellence and professionalism. Your character and appearance is everything! Especially in service, you can be the best at what you do, but when people can't see it, potential clients will not believe it.  You know the saying goes

"Dress for the position you want, not for the position you have." 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with selfies, but when you are representing your business or marketing yourself in professional profiles such as LinkedIn, to potentially new clients or employers, you want to put you best foot forward!

If you didn't know me and you were in the market for a professional photographer, which photographer would you trust? The Selfie or The Pro Head Shot? Not being biased or anything, but I must say both are pretty cute! Shout out to my friend Megan with MegMc Photography for my headshot!

Now, what you've all been waiting for!!! Fancy over the past 4 years has developed an amazing reputation, that turns an ordinary portrait session for women, into a life changing experience! I'm not just saying that because I was chosen as leader of this movement, but it's pretty much a fact! So any opportunity I have to give back, I know it's going to be truly a blessing to those who receive it! The Business Elite Giveaway was inspired by my new adventures here in Louisville! My focus here is to continue to empower women through my gift of photography!!! Will you be 1 of 5 women to win? Here where the rules...

Posted to FB for 3 days, there were 41 qualifying entries. I wrote each name on cut out circles, folded them in half, put them in my "bad hair day hat" and drew them at random! I attempted to record the drawings with dubsmash but ummmmm, that failed. Any who, in no particular order, the winners are...........................

Congratulations!!!! I look forward to working with you all. I will be in touch tomorrow, via social media with further details!



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Wife Wisdom Wednesday: Love Language #2 - Quality Time

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"I just want some quality time." 

"Going to church together isn't considered quality time."

"Make time!!!"

"You spend time with your friends, but you don't make time for me."

"We need time together when the kids aren't around."

"We don't spend time together anymore."


Does any of this already sound familiar? If it does, you are probably thinking... QUALITY TIME, does that even exist anymore? YES!!! IT DOES EXIST!!! Speaking from experience, I've been there, done that, and thought all of those things. Frustrated, mad, angry, demanding, and thinking I just want some time. We all do! Do does he!

Over the past 3 months My husband and I have spent more "Quality Time" together, than we have in the past 3 years. You may wonder 3 years, how is that possible? It's possible because life happens. Remember from last week the "in love" state only last about 2 years. So after that life happens.  Attention is on the baby, focusing on jobs, and building careers. Their hanging with their boys and you with your BFF all the time. You have problems with your family and it's stressing you, work stresses you, folks on social media getting on your nerves. You at church thinking, why are we here 10 times a week. You are back in school, your exam is tomorrow and you haven't started your writing assignment. LIFE. All these things matter, you try to find balance, but all you really want is to RUN AWAY and spend some "Quality Time" with your spouse. RIGHT? 

For us it's been 12 years and a lot has happened in our lives and relationship. In the past 3 months, we moved, transitioned to a new city, new job for him, and for me... Well right now I'm a "Homemaker ". It might sound bad for me to say this, but this move forced us to spend more time together. I must say this quality time is absolutely amazing! We left behind our family, friends, and businesses for a new beginning and there is no one here but us. Now all we have is time and we chose to spend it together. It's almost like the reset button was pressed. Man, where in the heck was this button 5 years ago?!?!?! Our priorities have been repositioned. We have finally figured out that we were missing out on each other. 

Quality time for is now a priority!!! We were forced into understanding this, however being able to understand your own or your partners love language of quality time is really simple. 

You want to know how? Here is the answer.


It's just that simple. There is absolutely no way around it.

"The 5 Love Languages" discusses several ways of spending QT. These include, focused attention, quality conversation, and quality activities. One of my favorites is quality conversation. I love a good conversation with my husband. Since the move, he's been on 3rd shift the majority of the time. So we get to spend our uninterrupted time together in the mornings. He walks through the door after a long night. He is tired and I've missed him... a lot! I welcome him and usually ask "how was your night?" He answers with details on how rough or smooth the night went. Rather or not he met his numbers, and the progress he has made in developing his team. All the responses are exciting to me! I want to encourage him to do his best, share ideas, and listen. Our conversation is a two way street, we discuss our personal goals, financial goals, our family goals too. I get to express to him, my thoughts on my purpose in life, what I need to do with my business, etc. He listens and gives the best feedback. We talk about how fast our son is growing, how smart he is, and how we will continue to work hard to make sure he is exposed to the best. We have lunch together and our intimate time is a time of pure connection with our souls. 

Ok!!! I'm going to stop right here, because I'm not ready to reveal our love languages just yet! I'll be sharing that at the end of the series. So here are a few things I suggest you should work on in the the mean time. 

Go pick up the book, "The 5 Love Languages" it's a great read. Follow along with me in the next 4 weeks.  

Is "Quality Time" your love language and it doesn't seem like you are getting your point across? 

First, before you go fussing at your spouse about how you two aren't spending enough time together. Go sit down, get your pen and paper, and write down what QT means to you. How would you like to spend time with your spouse? What are some of the things you would like to do? Be specific because He can't read your mind and his definition of QT might be different than yours. He might want to go to the game and you might want to go shopping, then you get mad cause he takes you to the game... 

Once you figure out what QT means to you, discuss it with him. Set a date and a time and make it happen!

Remember communication is key! Until next time...





Wife Wisdom Wednesday: Love Language #1 - Words of Affirmation

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It's Wife Wisdom Wednesday!!! I couldn't be more excited about this series of wife wisdom. Over the next 5 weeks, I will be sharing my thoughts and experience on the figuring out and applying love languages to your marriage or relationship as found in the book "The 5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman. I picked up this book over 6 years ago during a period of time when my husband and I needed it the most. Trust had been broken and we were both trying to put the pieces back together. One thing about real love, no matter what you go through, if you really love someone you will exhaust all options to make it work, before giving up.

In my 12 years of dating and marital bliss, I've found that there is a thin line between making or breaking a relationship and it's controlled by how you communicate with each other. In "The 5 Love Languages", Chapman discusses the importance of spouses knowing and communicating their love languages. In my very own relationship, I've found that not knowing what you or your spouses love language are will breach the lines of communication, often causing conflict and misunderstanding of each others emotions and expectations. Think about it, the ultimate goal of being married is to live happily every after right? 

Ok, so before I get into Love Language #1 - Words of Affirmation. I want to say go pick up the book, it's a great read. Follow along with me in the next 5 weeks. 



Did you know that these two scriptures were back to back? "The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord." Proverbs 18: 21 & 22. Interesting to say the least. We have the power to speak life into our relationships. We also have the power to speak death into our relationship. Well you might say, I would never speak death into my relationship. Yeah, I said that too. Until one day, sitting in marriage counseling, sorting out our issues, the light bulb went off. I finally realized that I was part of the problem. I wasn't a good listener, I always complained about what I thought he did wrong, not recognizing the things he was doing right. I had pushed him away, death had literally set up in our marriage. When I thought I was helping him I was really hurting him. I was hurting us. What he needed from me as a wife "what is good" was affirmation. 

Looking back, I think to myself, how did I not know this? I know I'm supposed to be uplifting, encouraging, appreciative, loving, kind, humble, and patient. How did we get to this point? "The 5 Love Languages" talks about how the emotional connection and newness of being "in love" and blinded by it wears off after about 2 years. After that, you have to work at the love itself. At that point we were 3 years past that mark. Five years in this relationship thing and it started to fall apart. Where did we go wrong? I believe we didn't understand our love language. The book goes into detail on how use words of affirmation to strengthen your communication. If your spouses love language is words of affirmation, it is your responsibility to take action. Start affirming, start speaking life. Your spouse will be more receptive to connect with you if you are meeting the need of building him up. Here is an example of something I've done time and time and time again.

Me: Ugh (with attitude) you never help out around the house. I'm expected to do laundry, clean toilets, sweep and mop floors, dishes, take out the trash, find someone to mow the yard, cook sometimes...blah blah blah blah blah. I work too!

Okay, Now before I get to Quinton's response, note I always complained and when I complained there would be a quick fix. He might help out every once in a while and I might have noticed that he done so. One day we were discussing the issue and I finally had that ah ha moment. I felt so bad, thinking to myself. I can't read your mind! Why didn't you just say that! Until he expressed how he felt, I just assumed he was lazy. His response:

Quinton: Tru, when I get home from work, I just want to sit down and do nothing. Try pushing thorough 3,200 lbs of concrete in a day and tell me how you feel. When I get home I am literally tired and exhausted.

Me: *silence* Feeling embarrassed and selfish. Thinking that I have failed at my real duties of lifting him up, encouraging him. I'm complaining that he didn't take out the trash, while he is out there doing back breaking work in sometimes 100 degree weather. WOW! Baby, I'm so sorry. 

Ever sense then, I make it a point for my approach to be different. I honesty try not to complain about anything. I don't want to take life itself for granted over little things that really don't matter. So all the things I used to complain about, I don't. I just do it if it needs to be done. Our conversations go more like this.

Me: Hey baby! I hope you had a good day. How was it? Did you work hard... somedays lighter than others, especially now that he is working in a different field. 

If you know Quinton he is quite reserved and doesn't say very much. However, by being open minded and humble with how approach him when communicating, he has began to open up more than ever. He is receiving and responding to it. In return, it has allowed us to grow.

So this is what you should do this week. Ask yourself, what am I complaining about? Stop complaining and approach it differently by using words of affirmation to build up your mate this week. I would love to hear your success stories! E-mail them to and I will anonymously post success throughout this series. 


Oh there is also a bonus this week! I've included pictures for you below to help illustrate WORDS OF AFFIRMATION.

In love with the new love. His whispers in her ear gives her butterflies every time. She looks into his eyes as his heart begins to pound. He is...

She is... experiencing that new love. The kind of love that makes you lost... in love. Thirsting for the sensation of laughter, seeking direction for the next step of, where if could be. The two are connected with every move of their hips, she talks, he walks, in their mind they find themselves stuck in the middle of this thing called love. Even without a flash light there is no mountain to high, no valley to low. He leads and she follows. He protects her and she always got his back.

You know the old saying goes, behind every good man is a good woman. He is like the night, she is like day or vise versa. When the lights go out, with that new love, if she is lost, he will find her. 

"The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord." Proverbs 18: 21 & 22.

Wife Wisdom Wednesday: Parenting Conflict

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Concern: My husband and I disagree on parenting (husband shows favoritism with our youngest, hwe) and agreeing on which activities our children should participate in. 

Question: How can we overcome these issues?

I understand that the love for your biological child may be different than a step child, however it is your duty as the chosen parent to nurture that child as much as you would your own. If you and your spouse can't come to an agreement, as the biological parent you must do more. Yes, more, pick up the slack. Is it fair? My daddy always says, "life isn't fair" but the one thing you don't want to happen is for any of your children to feel like they aren't loved as much as the other. 

When we accepted the roles as a parent for our biological and/or step children it is our responsible to BUILD them. There are many reasons why parents may disagree on what type of activities their children participate it. It could be financial issues, a problem with work/life balance, or maybe even just because you don't won't them too. Well, in BUILDING our children, it's important to expose them to different environments that will allow them to grow into the person they are supposed to be. These activities could be sports, academics, music, religion, etc. All of these activities assist in building a foundation of knowledge into your child. You can never learn or experience too much of anything positive, especially if you can afford it financially. If you can't afford extra curricular activities, come up with creative ways for your child to learn. God created an amazing planet for us to explore, so even it is taking them out into the middle of the woods to learn basis survival skills is all you can do, you have succeeded.  Never limit your child's learning. If other spouse doesn't agree, find out why? Are there valid reasons or just excuses. 

Example: Problem: Parents disagree with their son playing soccer, because they know for a fact that the soccer coach is abusive to his wife. Solution: Find another soccer team, with a coach you are satisfied with. Problem: Parents disagree with their son playing soccer because the soccer games conflict with the time of your favorite TV show. Solution: Stop making excuses, if your children wants to be apart of something, go the extra mile to make it happen. 

As I always say, being married is a partnership, their should always be open communication and find an common ground on the things that you disagree on, even when it comes to our children. Figure out the problem and find a solution. 

As a husband and wife team, work together so you can be fruitful for your children emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Give your children something to look forward to. Shower them with love and kindness. Be the example that you would want them to be. Causing unnecessary conflict, because of our own lazy intentions is not acceptable. 

"For you shall eat [the fruit] of the labor of your hands; happy (blessed, fortunate, enviable) shall you be, and it shall be well with you. Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine in the innermost parts of your house, your children shall be like olive plants around about your table." Psalm 128:2-3



Mia's Hope Fund

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Over the past 2 years, I have watched this young lady bring life to over 150 women. As a Make-up artist, her annointed talent not only enhanced the beauty of these women, but it helped them all feel BEAUTIFUL and CONFIDENT. Most women amazed to look in the mirror and experience how someone else sees them. Their reactions are always priceless. Their emotions instantly struck, fighting back tears, trying not to smear the canvas.  As an artist, women are Mia's canvas, she takes her time to bring out their best. In that moment, to that woman, all hardships fly out the window, all worries go away, all fears are conquered. Self-confidence is brought to life. No matter what has happened in the life of that women sitting in the chair, in that instant, Mia has helped her see who she really is.

Thoughts from one of those women

"Is that me? Is what I said when I looked in the mirrow. I felt effortless, classy, sophisticated, beautiful and breathtaking." - C.S.

Mia is a wife and mother of three beautiful children and at this moment her family is need. Mia made a post on social media the other day that nearly broke my heart. 

"Wow.....when I was a kid...sometimes my mom had to reach out to a church or two to get help with food through their pantry....I called today and all three churches almost hung up in my face..."

So I wanted to set up a fund to help her family in their time of need. Mia has been on maternity leave and her husband has been laid off from his job during winter months and his part-time job isn't offering very many hours. They are in need of food, help with utilties and diapers for the baby. Also it cost to run a business as a make-up artist and she is low on supplies. She is ready to get back to work, but it has been difficult for her to restock on the make-up products needed to keep her business afloat. 

I'm asking YOU for your help. She needs hope!!! She is passionate about her gift as an artist and what it does to empower women, she loves being a mother and simply wants to help make ends meet for her family.

I've set a goal of $5000 for Mia's Hope Fund. If we can reach this goal, she will be able restock for her business, take care of some bills for a few months and provide food and diapers for her babies. 

Mia deserves hope! She deserves to know their is a GOD who will supply the needs for her family. She deserves to know that everything will be ok and that GOD will make away. She deserves to recieve the same feelings that she has given to so many women that everything is going to be ok. I hope you can help! 

Warm regards,


If you would like to give diapers (size 3)(baby clothes size 9-12 months)(formula Enfamil Premium) or non-perishable foods or even a card with encouraging words the drop off location will be at my office at the Neely House 575 South Royal Street. Suite 18 (upstairs) Jackson, TN 38301. You may drop off Tues-Fri 10 am until 3 pm. If I'm not in the office at the time you stop by you may leave it by the door.

"In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." Matt 5:16

DONATE HERE!  Below is a gallery with a few of the women Mia has helped empower! 

Valentine Mini Sessions! Fancy Boudoir - The Stardust Experience

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Since, we've announced that we're moving, this will be the last mini boudoir mini session event that I will host in Jackson, TN for a while!!! 

Fancy Boudoir presents the "Stardust Experience." Experience Fancy with a fun, breathtaking, tasteful portrait session. As we embrace the ambiance of the all white "Stardust" Room in the Cumberland House (428 North Cumberland Street, Jackson, TN 38301), you will walk away confident, empowered, embracing your beauty and feeling free to be sexy! Just in time for Valentines... Do it for YOU and/or surprise your "BOO"!


As included in the details above $275 includes (Stardust Venue, professional make-up by MIAFierce Make-up, 10 digital images with password protected gallery for ordering prints, (1) 5x7 custom greeting valentine card. Upgrade your experience by adding an album and receive $50 off any album. (Digital images and Valentine's Card will be ready by Valentine's. Albums must be ordered by Feb 3rd to be received by Valentine's day.)

$100 deposit required to reserve your appointment. The balance is due Jan 30th. (non-refundable deposit, non-transferable)

Because this is a mini session event. I will be photographing a total of 6 women from 11 am - 2 pm

During your session, there will be a total of 5 women present, You, Myself, Make-up artist and my assistant, and the next lovely lady in the make-up chair. A portion of your portrait session will be private (one on one with you and me!) You must be comfortable being around other women! If not, I'll help you get there! RELAX it's going to be fun!!!


Prepping for the big day: shopping & gathering inspirational ideas leading up to the shoot!  Feel free to reach out to me so we can get some ideas together.  A great place to look for ideas is, google "boudoir". Shopping for outfits & can’t decide what to choose? Text me pics, I love helping or I'll go with you! One of the most frequently asked questions  is "What should I wear?" Clients are constantly inquiring about what is "acceptable" boudoir attire. The answer is: whatever you want! Boudoir attire is all about what makes you feel sexy and confident and of course FANCY. I've had ladies bring in everything from classic black dresses to barely-there lace underwear. You can reveal as much or as little as you want. Classic boudoir attire typically includes items such as bra/panty sets, chemises, corsets, and teddies.  Contact me and I can help you choose clothing that will make you feel the most comfortable. Bring lots of accessories, stockings and sexy heels are a must!!

Finally, it’s the day of the big shoot! I work with a remarkable make-up artist that is just as passionate as I am about making you feel confident and sexy during your shoot. While we are glamming you up I will provide a complimentary wine & a snack as we chat away. We will 
go through your clothing options and put together the complete look, for mini sessions we choose 1 ensemble. Mini sessions are on a strict time schedule, make-up will be 30 minutes and we will be shooting you for 30 minutes .

Congratulations – we finished the shoot! Within two days, (Fast right! We are on a Valentine time crunch), I will have your images ready and we will meet in person for the big reveal and talk about 
what products are best for you. (Your package includes 10 Digitals). Everything else, I offer is ready to hang or display, whether it’s an album or canvas. Payment is due upon ordering and I do offer payment plans.


READY TO BOOK! LETS DO IT! Fill out the form below, upon a receipt you will receive an e-mail confirmation with an invoice for your $100 deposit to confirm your session.


-TRU #fancythat

***SOLD OUT***

Name *
Appointment Times Available *
choose an available time

More about FANCY!

Over the past 4 years, photographing hundreds of women, I have developed a passion for bringing out the best in every women.  I call it FANCY!


Boudoir, is pronounced “boo-dwahr” or if you are feeling fancy “boo-dwa”. While the term boudoir is French for bedroom, now a days it describes a variety of things including furniture, clothing and a genre of photography.  As a boudoir photographer my style tends to be feminine, flirty and artistic.

Fancy combined with the art of Boudoir Photography, is an once in a lifetime experience! 

Fancy helped me unlock feelings about myself, changing from shame and self doubt; to now confidence and pride in myself. Fancy has motivated me to become the woman I always was, but never knew it.

— C. Spears


Trunetta Atwater5 Comments

So, about 3 months ago, out of nowhere Quinton came home one day and says, "What do you think about moving?" When he asked the question, He already knew how I felt about it. He never asks me a question useless he's serious about taking action, because he knows I'll be on it in a heartbeat. You know like... packing our bags, looking for somewhere to live, making connections all in the same day. There happened to be a job opportunity and he was considering pursuing it. I gave him my thoughts and encouraged him to go for it! Of course I've been ready! Long story short... after 3 interviews and 3 months of trying to be patient, suffering from anxiety from trying to be patient, finally being patient, consulting with GOD on showing me signs, and compromising with GOD about timing, the what ifs and such, all while waiting for results, he got the JOB! What does that mean for us, our family is relocating to Louisville, KY!!! It's exciting on so many levels and sad all at the same time. My thought process over the past few months... What about my clients? What about my family? What about my business? What about Jaxon, will he adapt being away? What will happen to Fancy?

Only my Family and my closest friends knew that we may be moving. We wanted to wait to tell everyone at the right time. For me no time was the right time... Every phone call was difficult, every reaction was the same. Bittersweet is the best word I can use to describe it. New Years Eve we posted the news to social media and the it spread like wild fire! So fast that I didn't have time to complete all the personal phone calls, before the questions started to flood in. Many questions to answer and blanks to fill in. I figured it would be best to blog about it to keep everyone up to date. So here we are now... In this post I will answer business questions first. Over the next few weeks I will keep you updated as we fill in the blanks. 


WHEN ARE YOU MOVING? Soon! The date isn't set in stone on when we will actually permanently leave Jackson. Quinton starts his new position in less than 3 weeks and packing starts Monday (at home and at the office).


MAY I SCHEDULE A SESSION BEFORE YOU LEAVE? Maybe. I am working on dates for valentine mini sessions and a few days for full sessions. In the midst of moving, I don't want to be completely overwhelmed with trying to finish up new photo projects combined with packing and moving. Because this is very short notice I will allow sometime to get in a quick session. Dates will be posted no later than Wed Jan 7th.

MAY I ORDER PHOTOS FROM PREVIOUS SESSIONS? Yes! Because I have so many images archived, I will have an archive sale that will run the first Quarter of the Year. After March 30th images will no longer be available. Sale pricing will depend on how many images are included in your gallery. More details will be posted next week. 

WHO WILL TAKE MY PICTURES NOW? NO WORRIES!!! I will still take care of you. I will travel back quarterly and offer LIMITED MINI SESSIONS DURING PEEK SEASONS... (VALENTINES, EASTER, SPRING, FALL AND CHRISTMAS). If you need photos throughout the year or miss any of the mini session events, I have a few photographers that I trust, who are ready to serve you! More details on dates for future mini sessions soon.

WILL YOU CONTINUE TO PHOTOGRAPH WEDDINGS? YES. I travel for weddings anyway, so I would love to work with you.

WHAT ABOUT FANCY? I'm so excited because in 2015 Fancy will be my main focus!!! So don't worry, Fancy will not go away, it only gets better from here. 

WILL THERE BE A FANCY ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION THIS YEAR? YES! That's the plan. The original date was set for early March. It may be delay a month or two. I will keep you up to date. 

WOOOOO THAT WASN'T AS BAD AS I THOUGHT! I hope this helps answer some of your questions. Again, in the next few weeks I will keep you posted with as many updates as possible. 

Love ya! Stay tuned!










The Bonds

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Friday, June 13, 2014, The Bonds said "I do".

Event Planning and Design: Perfect Moments

Makeup Artist:  Mia Fierce Make-up Artistry

Venue: The Opera House - Humboldt, TN

Photography by me of course! #Fancythat 



The Wades

Trunetta Atwater2 Comments

Capturing moments like this leaves me speechless. Meet the Wades! Thanks to LaKeesha Holloway, owner of Perfect Moments for trusting me to photograph the details of this event! I must say Perfect Moments never ceases to amaze me with their creativity and excellent service. On a nice sunny and winding Friday afternoon, The Wades exchanged their nuptials with a southern themed wedding at Twin Oaks Estates in Humboldt, TN. The details included handpicked cotton, molasses, and new pretty neat newspaper programs. Great job to Lakeesha and the PM team! Congrats to the Wades, may their marriage be filled with a lifetime of southern love!

We would love to photograph your wedding too, contact us here for details.

© Trunetta Atwater Photography 2014 | All Rights Reserved.

I got the JOB!

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Many of you may not know that looking for a job was apart of my daily routine for the past 2+ years...,,,,, craigslist, just to name a few of the places I would search. I was looking and looking, just like Forrest was running and running, hoping to find success in something somewhere. It was my own inner feelings that gave second thoughts about my success and the direction of my career and purpose in life, always thinking "what if". It's not that I doubted where I'm going, but with all the sacrifices, looking for a job was my sense of security. Just a little inkling of hope, that if I utilized my education, found a "good" job with a decent salary, I could take Fancy and my business to another level.

God has told me on several occasions, "if you walk half way in faith, you only walk half way there". Clearly the lightbulb went off again as it always does when I'm looking for answers. Back in January I was frustrated and decided to apply for a position that fit the description of my first career love. I applied thinking, yes, I am mature and experienced enough now to get it right, make it happen, and be the best at it, at the same time I will earn enough money to take my business to higher heights. Spending time focusing on how I would schedule my time outside of a 9-5 to continuing to run my photography business, expand fancy, and empower and inspire women. 

God said STOP, stop looking! I have given you direction, trust me, and continue to walk in it. 27 days ago I decided to let it go. Looking for a Job, I let it go. I made a promise to God that I would fast from looking for a job for 40 days (during the period of lent leading to resurrection Sunday). On Wednesday March 5th, I prayed before bed and asked God to give me a sign that this fast is what I'm supposed to do.  You remember that Job I applied for back in January, well the next morning March 6th, I woke up to an e-mail from the company stating that the position had been filled. 

That was my sign, directly from God, yes it came in the form of a rejection, but to me it was my resurrection. It's been 27 days, not once have I looked at indeed or linked in, the time I used to waste looking for something that wasn't meant for me, I now use it to focus on trusting God to continue to lead me. My faith is stronger. My walk is clearer. My path is promising. My business is growing. Fancy is healing and empowering women. God is leading and I am following.

Thank the Lord I got the JOB. Just being Obedient Baby! I'm living my best life ever, doing the things I love and God's got the rest. 

"The Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail." Isaiah 58:11


pee ess: after the first 2 weeks of the fast, I went through withdrawals. I pressed through and I'm not looking back. I'm still walking, by Faith in my JOB {Just being Obedient Baby}! Obedience is better than sacrifice. Most think obedience and sacrifice are one in the same. They are, but when you focus on the obedience, the sacrifices don't really matter.



Make-up and Martini Mardi Gras Celebrating 3 years of Fancy!

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The Fancy journey continues! It's been 3 years and I'm super excited about the future. I want to say thank to everyone who came to celebrate 3 years of Fancy at the Make-up and Martini Mardi Gras! An evening simply to get cute, relax, enjoy a martini, unwind, chat with your girls and share lots of laughter, and meet someone new. With each event I learn something new. At this one, I learned that the journey can be sacrificial, but it's well worth the time and effort, work through the mishaps and continue to enjoy life. I strive to make each Fancy event enjoyable and unique. Fancy inspires me to give you something different. Make-Up and Martini's turned out exactly the way Mia and I imagined and we really hope you enjoyed it! 

I want to give a special thank you to MIA PERRY, our amazing make up artist, for pushing through not feeling well in order to give the models Fierce looks! Congrats to Mia on expecting a new addition to her family, that little peanut didn't want to mommy to be Fancy that night, but she made it happen! That's one thing I love about Mia's talent. The girl is PASSIONATE about her make-up artistry and will do anything, push through anything, go the extra mile to make it happen. She brings out the best in every client and model during every experience I've had with her! I'm proud of her efforts and I feel really honored to be able to watch her grow! Her journey is just as important to me as Fancy. MIA FIERCE!!! I LOVE YOU CHICK FANCYFIERCE FOR LIFE! LET'S CONTINUE TO CHANGE LIVES! #EMPOWER #INSPIRE


Enjoy images from the night! 

Your feedback is important too! Take the Fancy Event Survey below for a chance to win a Fancy Movement Session! 


Name *
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Overall, were you satisfied with the event, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with it, or dissatisfied with it?
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Comfortability *
How comfortable did you feel?
What were your primary objectives for the event (knowledge, networking, etc.)?
What could the event organizers have done differently?
Was the location of the event suitable (travel time, convenience, etc.)?
Compared to other similar events you have attended, how does this event compare?
Future of Fancy
Would you participate in Fancy Experience and Events in the Future?
Recommend Fancy
Would you recommend this Fancy and this event to other women?
Join the Fancy Movement
Empower and Inspire, buy sharing your beauty and story with a photo session and blog post.


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It's easy to look someone else in the eye, but uncomfortable to look in the mirror and stare into our own eyes. Usually we just skim the surface, looking to fix the very something we can't see. On the day I photographed Deshea, I looked into her eyes and saw "pretty". I saw the "pretty" that had been trapped on the inside for sooooo many years. As many women do, she struggled to see "pretty" for years. That day Deshea was ready to find it. Shy, nervous, full of expectations, maybe even afraid, not really knowing the outcome... looking for "pretty". I can't even really describe the actual moment, but when I turned the camera around to show her the image below, there was a gasp for air. The moment that you take your own breath away is simply priceless. Sometimes what we look so long and hard for is right in front of us all along. The only difference is we have to want to see it. 

"The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light." Matthew 6:22

Thanks Deshea for joining the Fancy Movement. In her own words

What are three words that describe to you the best?: Loving, Shy, Genuine

Name one goal you would like to accomplish in the next 12 months and why.: I would like to go back to school to help people. Maybe study social work or a therapy. Helping people is my passion. It's what drives me and "TRUELY" makes me happy

Describe what makes you Fancy.: What makes me fancy is I feel like I'm like no other, I feel like I have a very unique look.

Who inspires you to succeed and why?: Who inspires me to succeed is a very good freind of mine named Aubrey DePew. She has helped me to see that in order to succeed or get to where i wanna be in life I have to be willing to be uncomfortable.

Deshea Malone-8fb.jpg
Deshea Malone-10fb.jpg
Deshea Malone-18afb.jpg
Deshea Malone-20fb.jpg

Thank you again Deshea for Shooting to Empower and Inspire! Fancy | The 150 Movement! 

For more information on joining the movement Contact me here!

Thanks to our wonderful Make-Up Artist MiaFierce! Contact Mia here!


I'm looking forward to the Fancy Journey! Shooting to Empower and Inspire! I hope you join in with us!



"God's Got It"

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"Take delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart" Psalms 37:4

God's Got It. He has "it", he is ready to give "it" to you when you delight yourself in Him. Ask yourself, "What is my 'it'?"

Wilisha's "it" was finding out during the middle of completing her MBA she suffered from a rare form of cancer called Essential thrombocythemia, ET. "The most common symptoms of essential thrombocythemia include headache, lightheadedness, vision changes, and tingling, numbness or burning pain in the hands and feet. Essential thrombocythemia most often occurs in people over age 50 and is more common in women." (mayo clinic) So how does a thriving 29 year old suffer from an uncommon disorder that is usually found in people over the age of 50? Because "God's Got It".

I completed the MBA program with Wilisha. As I complained about my struggles as a small business owner, how I wanted to give up on this MBA because I didn't have the time to focus, she encouraged me to keep pushing. She called me to make sure I went to class, turned in my assignments, cause she knew all my time and energy was going into Fancy. Little did I know, she was really sick. I listened to her tell me symptoms, I watched her suffer from them, I observed how she was being treated on the job all because of this disorder, but I honestly didn't realize that she was really going through. We all go through rough seasons in our lives, but we focus so much on whats wrong with ours that we never become fully aware that I could be worse.

In those seasons God says, "I've Got It." Everything we go through is only a set up for what God has really prepared for us. Wilisha's "it" was believing that "God's Got It". He had "it" when she was diagnosed. He had "it" as she suffered. He had "it" when she couldn't work. He knew she needed a break, and He had "it". "It" was the renewal of her health, the healing of her spirit, the motivation in her heart, the removal of distractions, and the closing a few doors to open new ones. Not one time did I ever hear her complain.

In her own words:

What are three words that describe to you the best?: Strength, Faith, Ambitious

Name one goal you would like to accomplish in the next 12 months and why.: Finally coming into my purpose, what God has in his plans for me to do, and be successful in it. No joy greater than doing what you are meant to do and thriving in it. I would love to travel and explore a place I've never been. I love to travel.

Describe what makes you Fancy.: My strength to keep going no matter what is thrown my way with the ability to keep smiling through it all because my faith foundation lets me know everything will be ok. My motto is God's Got It. I have dreams, goals, and ambitions I will keep striving and pushing until I accomplish them! I am loving the skin I'm in and the woman I've become, it makes me stronger and happier.

Who inspires you to succeed and why?: The kids that are in my life (little cousins, God kids, step kids). I push to keep going to accomplish things because I want to be an example to them by doing things to show them it's possible. If I can do it so can they. I don't tell them things, I show them by being a living example. I know they are looking at me and I want to give them something worth while to look at.


Thank you  Wilisha for Shooting to Empower and Inspire! Fancy | The 150 Movement! 

For more information on joining the movement Contact me here!

I'm looking forward to the Fancy Journey! Shooting to Empower and Inspire! I hope you join in with us!



February Newsletter

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Check out the newsletter! Each month the newsletter will be released to keep you up to date on what's going on at Trunetta Atwater Photography and Fancy! Get the scoop on mini sessions, new products, photo's of the month, and events! One thing about it, there is always something going on! If you would like to be involved in anyway, I would love to have ya! Contact me anytime! Enjoy -Tru


Strength, Courage, and Freedom

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 Today we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. Remembering his dream, the strength, and the courage he possessed in his walk of faith, just so we could have freedom. I would like to revisit an impromptu project from last year titled Strength, Courage, and Freedom.  We all have dreams and I believe by faith we can achieve them.


Last week I had a come to Jesus while trying to figure out why obedience is better than sacrifice. I felt like I had sacrificed so much because I was being obedience to God's Direction. What I learned is that God is testing my Faith to see how much I trust him. He set me on a journey that I had enough faith to step into, but I  struggle sometimes with going through instead of embracing the fact the God keeps his promises.

So this is what God is telling me...

Strength, Courage, and Freedom. Strength, Courage, and Freedom. I repeat... Strength, Courage, and FEEEEEEEDDDOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!


We have it in our minds that we want to stand on top of the world, but yet we hide behind what the world thinks and afraid to be true to our-self.


We laugh and joke as if we are "OKAY", but yet we worry about tomorrow.


We sit and wonder when we will receive a break-through, if only we really knew that God is holding us.


 God gives us his direction in Black and White, YOU are the color of his light.

God's Strength, Your Courage, Total Freedom!

Be Blessed - Tru

Matthew 6:25-34

New International Version (NIV)

Do Not Worry

25 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life[a]?

28 “And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. 29 Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. 30 If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you—you of little faith? 31 So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’32 For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. 33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.


Be blessed and stay Fancy.



Ms. Calandria

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Ten months out of the year this powerful woman is surrounded by about about twenty 5-6 year old, little boys and little girls who are eager to learn. She has dedicated herself to bring them joy, day in and day out. She is dedicated to teaching them reading, writing, and arithmetic or maybe I should say... reading, writing and the Internet. She has found love in seeing watching the grow and develop. It really takes a loving, caring, and giving soul with patience to handle those little people. Ms. Calandria is all of the above... Loving, Caring, and Giving! During her shoot we laughed and joked about how silly she is with her students, she feels so comfortable being around them and making her classroom a fun learning experience. I must admit she might have been a little nervous before the shoot, not really knowing what to expect, because of course she is used to the typical school days pictures. Calandria's beauty in the natural is amazing and school day pictures are a must each year for this woman... Now that's she's joined the movement her school day pictures will never be the same!

Voted West Tennessee Educator of the week her third year in 2010 as a fifth grade teacher, this single mother of two's definition of Fancy is being a strong, dedicated hardworking woman! Her success is inspired by her own two children as their provider. "They are the reason I wake up and do everything I do." She is empowered by having an impact on as many children as possible.  "I love when I see my past students and they say how much they miss me or the things they learned from me.  Sometimes it's educational or even just how to act socially.  Children always need a positive role model.  I am glad I can be that person to them and to have my own children see their mother helping and teaching others."

This role model is now a supermodel.

In her own words "I've heard the word fancy and like most I thought you had to be extravagant and over the top!  Well I feel it all depends on who hears your story." - Calandria



Ms. Calandria Ellison

Jackson, TN Native

Received both a Bachelor of Science  & Master of Science in Education from University of Tennessee Martin

Education Leadership Endorsement

Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Kindergarten School Teacher at East Elementary

Single Mother of Two

Home Owner

Currently pursuing a Masters in Counseling at the University of Tennessee Martin

I always ask, Tell me in once sentence what makes you Fancy?

"My giving spirit makes me the most Fancy person I know!" - Calandria

Thank you Calandria for Shooting to Empower and Inspire! Fancy | The 150 Movement! 

For more information on joining the movement Contact me here!

Thanks to our wonderful Make-Up Artist MiaFierce! Contact Mia here!


I'm looking forward to the Fancy Journey! Shooting to Empower and Inspire! I hope you join in with us!



Update: Last year Calandria expressed to me how much she loved the Ellen show and thought it would be a great idea if I contacted the show to tell them about Fancy. A few months later, Calandria and her wonderful children appeared on the show! Click here to watch! If you dream and believe it will happen! I'm so happy for Landy!!! Love ya chick!