I could not miss this opportunity to highlight her Fanciness. Fancy, Fierce, and Fabulous at Forty in about 26 minutes she can start celebrating and she has every reason to do so. When I met Stephanie earlier this year, I had no idea that she would have such an impact on the direction of my life. 

Usually when women join the Fancy movement I ask that they give me 3 words that best describe them in addition to submitting a story describing their goals, dreams, and inspirations leading to what makes them fancy. For the past 6+ months I've had the opportunity to watch her beauty and her story unfold. It's been so long since I read her story, I think I will give it to you from my perspective. 

Three words that I would use describe Stephanie are genuine, ambitious, and dynamic.

Let me keep it short, sweet, and real with you right quick. Stephanie is a genuine gem, that diamond in the rough, as precious as gold, this woman has transformed her mind, body, and soul to live healthy. When she began this journey she had no clue that she would be the example and touch the lives of so many women and men who were ready to make healthy changes in their life. People perish daily due to the lack of knowledge, Stephanie started the year believing that spreading the knowledge of healthy living would be beneficial to our community. Her ambition is so natural. She has a drive that isn't even goal oriented. It's just a sweet fire in her spirit that moves her spread the message of healthy living. The dynamics of her presence is amazing. Powerful is she. Stephanie is strong enough to raise a 20 year old and nurture a 2 year old all while sustaining the love of 20+ years of marriage. Fancy, Fierce, and Fabulous at Forty. A Healthier You's very own.... Stephanie Graham. Happy 40th Birthday my friend. 

Trunetta Atwater2 Comments