Mia Fierce


I am so excited as I go on this journey to find and shoot to empower and inspire 150 women! Fancy in the past two years has developed in to a passion for show women how beautiful! My mission is to show them their beauty from the outside in. Knowing that you are beautiful on the outside first, allows you to tap into the your gifts, talents, and dreams from within! When you know your self worth, nothing holds you back.

Meet Mia! She is a Make-up Artist, Mom, and Full time student! Mia and I celebrated Fancy's 2 year Anniversary in the studio. We played around with a little light, make-up, and talked about how much we love bringing out the beauty of women.

"I was a tomboy when I was a teenager. One day I discovered make-up and I began to loose myself in it! I have learned to embrace my curves and love who I am!" I feel my best when I'm in make-up."

I am Mia Fierce - Make-up Artist!

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MiaFierce is sponsoring 15 Make-up makes overs in the Month of March! Join the movement This month and receive a Spicy, dramatic Make-up make over, by MiaFierce!


Thank you Mia for Shooting to Empower and Inspire! Fancy | The 150 Movement! 

For more information on joining the movement Contact me here!

Thanks to our wonderful Make-Up Artist MiaFierce who enhance the beauty of the movement! Contact Mia here!

I'm looking forward to the Fancy Journey! Shooting to Empower and Inspire! I hope you join in with us!