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Who would have thought the Next Oprah would come from Jackson, TN? Well I've got the faith to believe it's happening! I met "Kitta" about 3 years ago when she and her business partner needed photos for "Can I Laugh Now." I'm excited, that in this point in my life, I can truly Laugh Now! So what exactly is "Can I Laugh Now" Well Kitta is a aspiring Media Personality who began this journey blogging and vlogging "Laugh Stories". Laugh stories are stories that where once "Pain", a thorn in your side, or a situation in life that you thought you would never be able to get over, but now you can "Laugh" about it! Kitta has been turning pain into laughter since 2011! Now, I've got several "Laugh" stories, you know... that one time when... Check out my story on her youtube vlog here.

So Kitta joined The Fancy 150 Movement! In her own words below, read what Empowers and Inspires her Fancy!  

What are three words that describe to you the best?

Kitta: Funny, Open, and Different. When I say funny by no means am I a comedian, but I think everyone that is around me on a regular basis would say if you need a good laugh, call Kitta. Since I've started blogging I have become a lot more open and honest about my life experiences. I realized that I might be a little too open when I saw my mom cringing as she listened to an experience I had about two years ago. LOL, but I can't expect people to be open and willing to share their stories if I'm not willing to do the same. I consider myself to be very different from the norm when it comes to my state of mind about certain situations and topics. Let's just say I'm a work in progress and I'm growing everyday. :-)

Name one goal you would like to accomplish in the next 12 months and why.

Kitta: In the next 12 months I would love to shoot a 3 camera set up interview. I know that may not sound like much to some or you may be like, "really Kitta? That's your 12 month goal?" But I have dreams of how I want Can I Laugh Now? To be and to get the full affect of what I am trying to display through this vision that God has given me, I need my Laughers (my viewers) to view my stories from every angle. So within the next 12 months, you'll be able to see my very first 3 camera set up interview. OPRAH HERE I COME!

Describe what makes you Fancy.

Kitta: Oh wow, where do I begin? ;-) No, seriously I think want makes me Fancy is my likable personality and my spirit. I may come off at times as people a mean person because I have my guard up at all times. I'm working on that first face that people see being a smile and not a scowl. But I have a very outgoing personality, which makes me the perfect person for the vision God has given me. It doesn't take long for people to warm up to me and once you do it's impossible for you to separate yourself from me, not literally of course but I think I'm someone that definitely the life of the party. The fact that I'm unapologetic about who I am is what makes me Fancy.


Who inspires you to succeed and why?

Kitta: My mom inspires me to succeed. No matter what I do she is always my number one supporter. She thinks I can take Oprah's job. LOL, but that's the kind of encouragement and faith in me that I need. I want to be able to give her the comforts of life. I love the way her face lights up when she's watching one of my interviews or witnessing anything positive that I'm involved in. Hearing, "I'm proud of you" is enough to keep me going until I reach my dreams.

Thank you Kitta for Shooting to Empower and Inspire! Fancy | The 150 Movement! 

For more information on joining the movement Contact me here!

I'm looking forward to the Fancy Journey! Shooting to Empower and Inspire! I hope you join in with us!




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