Experience Fancy 2014

For the past almost 3 years I have been excited about empowering women through intimate portraits. From the beginning, I really didn't know where it would go or what I wanted to happen. The only thing I knew is I ha been sent on a mission to empower others by using my gift and talents as an example. At the end of 2012 and through-out 2013 the journey begin to a movement that empowers and inspires women to recognize their beauty in order to fully utilize their gifts and talents. As the Year unfolded, the direction of this mission became clearer. 

2013 Mission: FANCY empowering you through intimate portraiture. My goal is shooting to empower and inspire!

In 2014 FANCY now has a mission with clear expectations.

Motto: Experience Fancy

2014 Mission Statement:

Fancy exists to: Empower ALL women to overcome and transcend the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional demands of life thru encouraging their love for self, embracing their God given talent, and inspiring them to maximize every Amazing moment that life has to offer.

2014 Vision:

We believe there is power in self fulfillment. It is Fancy's responsibility to provide an phenomenal experience that will positively impact the life of any women that is open to it. Fancy will create a strong network of women by showcasing true beauty captured through FANCY, utilizing talents, and sharing your story to the world. 


In 2014 I would love for you to be apart of the movement and "Experience Fancy."

If you are ready now! Lets get started! Click here to EXPERIENCE FANCY!

I wish you a Happy and Fancy New Year!