Ms. Calandria

Ten months out of the year this powerful woman is surrounded by about about twenty 5-6 year old, little boys and little girls who are eager to learn. She has dedicated herself to bring them joy, day in and day out. She is dedicated to teaching them reading, writing, and arithmetic or maybe I should say... reading, writing and the Internet. She has found love in seeing watching the grow and develop. It really takes a loving, caring, and giving soul with patience to handle those little people. Ms. Calandria is all of the above... Loving, Caring, and Giving! During her shoot we laughed and joked about how silly she is with her students, she feels so comfortable being around them and making her classroom a fun learning experience. I must admit she might have been a little nervous before the shoot, not really knowing what to expect, because of course she is used to the typical school days pictures. Calandria's beauty in the natural is amazing and school day pictures are a must each year for this woman... Now that's she's joined the movement her school day pictures will never be the same!

Voted West Tennessee Educator of the week her third year in 2010 as a fifth grade teacher, this single mother of two's definition of Fancy is being a strong, dedicated hardworking woman! Her success is inspired by her own two children as their provider. "They are the reason I wake up and do everything I do." She is empowered by having an impact on as many children as possible.  "I love when I see my past students and they say how much they miss me or the things they learned from me.  Sometimes it's educational or even just how to act socially.  Children always need a positive role model.  I am glad I can be that person to them and to have my own children see their mother helping and teaching others."

This role model is now a supermodel.

In her own words "I've heard the word fancy and like most I thought you had to be extravagant and over the top!  Well I feel it all depends on who hears your story." - Calandria



Ms. Calandria Ellison

Jackson, TN Native

Received both a Bachelor of Science  & Master of Science in Education from University of Tennessee Martin

Education Leadership Endorsement

Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Kindergarten School Teacher at East Elementary

Single Mother of Two

Home Owner

Currently pursuing a Masters in Counseling at the University of Tennessee Martin

I always ask, Tell me in once sentence what makes you Fancy?

"My giving spirit makes me the most Fancy person I know!" - Calandria

Thank you Calandria for Shooting to Empower and Inspire! Fancy | The 150 Movement! 

For more information on joining the movement Contact me here!

Thanks to our wonderful Make-Up Artist MiaFierce! Contact Mia here!


I'm looking forward to the Fancy Journey! Shooting to Empower and Inspire! I hope you join in with us!



Update: Last year Calandria expressed to me how much she loved the Ellen show and thought it would be a great idea if I contacted the show to tell them about Fancy. A few months later, Calandria and her wonderful children appeared on the show! Click here to watch! If you dream and believe it will happen! I'm so happy for Landy!!! Love ya chick!

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