Make-up and Martini Mardi Gras Celebrating 3 years of Fancy!

The Fancy journey continues! It's been 3 years and I'm super excited about the future. I want to say thank to everyone who came to celebrate 3 years of Fancy at the Make-up and Martini Mardi Gras! An evening simply to get cute, relax, enjoy a martini, unwind, chat with your girls and share lots of laughter, and meet someone new. With each event I learn something new. At this one, I learned that the journey can be sacrificial, but it's well worth the time and effort, work through the mishaps and continue to enjoy life. I strive to make each Fancy event enjoyable and unique. Fancy inspires me to give you something different. Make-Up and Martini's turned out exactly the way Mia and I imagined and we really hope you enjoyed it! 

I want to give a special thank you to MIA PERRY, our amazing make up artist, for pushing through not feeling well in order to give the models Fierce looks! Congrats to Mia on expecting a new addition to her family, that little peanut didn't want to mommy to be Fancy that night, but she made it happen! That's one thing I love about Mia's talent. The girl is PASSIONATE about her make-up artistry and will do anything, push through anything, go the extra mile to make it happen. She brings out the best in every client and model during every experience I've had with her! I'm proud of her efforts and I feel really honored to be able to watch her grow! Her journey is just as important to me as Fancy. MIA FIERCE!!! I LOVE YOU CHICK FANCYFIERCE FOR LIFE! LET'S CONTINUE TO CHANGE LIVES! #EMPOWER #INSPIRE


Enjoy images from the night! 

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