I got the JOB!

Many of you may not know that looking for a job was apart of my daily routine for the past 2+ years... indeed.com, linkedin.com, careerbuilder.com, uu.edu, jscc.edu, craigslist, just to name a few of the places I would search. I was looking and looking, just like Forrest was running and running, hoping to find success in something somewhere. It was my own inner feelings that gave second thoughts about my success and the direction of my career and purpose in life, always thinking "what if". It's not that I doubted where I'm going, but with all the sacrifices, looking for a job was my sense of security. Just a little inkling of hope, that if I utilized my education, found a "good" job with a decent salary, I could take Fancy and my business to another level.

God has told me on several occasions, "if you walk half way in faith, you only walk half way there". Clearly the lightbulb went off again as it always does when I'm looking for answers. Back in January I was frustrated and decided to apply for a position that fit the description of my first career love. I applied thinking, yes, I am mature and experienced enough now to get it right, make it happen, and be the best at it, at the same time I will earn enough money to take my business to higher heights. Spending time focusing on how I would schedule my time outside of a 9-5 to continuing to run my photography business, expand fancy, and empower and inspire women. 

God said STOP, stop looking! I have given you direction, trust me, and continue to walk in it. 27 days ago I decided to let it go. Looking for a Job, I let it go. I made a promise to God that I would fast from looking for a job for 40 days (during the period of lent leading to resurrection Sunday). On Wednesday March 5th, I prayed before bed and asked God to give me a sign that this fast is what I'm supposed to do.  You remember that Job I applied for back in January, well the next morning March 6th, I woke up to an e-mail from the company stating that the position had been filled. 

That was my sign, directly from God, yes it came in the form of a rejection, but to me it was my resurrection. It's been 27 days, not once have I looked at indeed or linked in, the time I used to waste looking for something that wasn't meant for me, I now use it to focus on trusting God to continue to lead me. My faith is stronger. My walk is clearer. My path is promising. My business is growing. Fancy is healing and empowering women. God is leading and I am following.

Thank the Lord I got the JOB. Just being Obedient Baby! I'm living my best life ever, doing the things I love and God's got the rest. 

"The Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail." Isaiah 58:11


pee ess: after the first 2 weeks of the fast, I went through withdrawals. I pressed through and I'm not looking back. I'm still walking, by Faith in my JOB {Just being Obedient Baby}! Obedience is better than sacrifice. Most think obedience and sacrifice are one in the same. They are, but when you focus on the obedience, the sacrifices don't really matter.