So, about 3 months ago, out of nowhere Quinton came home one day and says, "What do you think about moving?" When he asked the question, He already knew how I felt about it. He never asks me a question useless he's serious about taking action, because he knows I'll be on it in a heartbeat. You know like... packing our bags, looking for somewhere to live, making connections all in the same day. There happened to be a job opportunity and he was considering pursuing it. I gave him my thoughts and encouraged him to go for it! Of course I've been ready! Long story short... after 3 interviews and 3 months of trying to be patient, suffering from anxiety from trying to be patient, finally being patient, consulting with GOD on showing me signs, and compromising with GOD about timing, the what ifs and such, all while waiting for results, he got the JOB! What does that mean for us, our family is relocating to Louisville, KY!!! It's exciting on so many levels and sad all at the same time. My thought process over the past few months... What about my clients? What about my family? What about my business? What about Jaxon, will he adapt being away? What will happen to Fancy?

Only my Family and my closest friends knew that we may be moving. We wanted to wait to tell everyone at the right time. For me no time was the right time... Every phone call was difficult, every reaction was the same. Bittersweet is the best word I can use to describe it. New Years Eve we posted the news to social media and the it spread like wild fire! So fast that I didn't have time to complete all the personal phone calls, before the questions started to flood in. Many questions to answer and blanks to fill in. I figured it would be best to blog about it to keep everyone up to date. So here we are now... In this post I will answer business questions first. Over the next few weeks I will keep you updated as we fill in the blanks. 


WHEN ARE YOU MOVING? Soon! The date isn't set in stone on when we will actually permanently leave Jackson. Quinton starts his new position in less than 3 weeks and packing starts Monday (at home and at the office).


MAY I SCHEDULE A SESSION BEFORE YOU LEAVE? Maybe. I am working on dates for valentine mini sessions and a few days for full sessions. In the midst of moving, I don't want to be completely overwhelmed with trying to finish up new photo projects combined with packing and moving. Because this is very short notice I will allow sometime to get in a quick session. Dates will be posted no later than Wed Jan 7th.

MAY I ORDER PHOTOS FROM PREVIOUS SESSIONS? Yes! Because I have so many images archived, I will have an archive sale that will run the first Quarter of the Year. After March 30th images will no longer be available. Sale pricing will depend on how many images are included in your gallery. More details will be posted next week. 

WHO WILL TAKE MY PICTURES NOW? NO WORRIES!!! I will still take care of you. I will travel back quarterly and offer LIMITED MINI SESSIONS DURING PEEK SEASONS... (VALENTINES, EASTER, SPRING, FALL AND CHRISTMAS). If you need photos throughout the year or miss any of the mini session events, I have a few photographers that I trust, who are ready to serve you! More details on dates for future mini sessions soon.

WILL YOU CONTINUE TO PHOTOGRAPH WEDDINGS? YES. I travel for weddings anyway, so I would love to work with you.

WHAT ABOUT FANCY? I'm so excited because in 2015 Fancy will be my main focus!!! So don't worry, Fancy will not go away, it only gets better from here. 

WILL THERE BE A FANCY ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION THIS YEAR? YES! That's the plan. The original date was set for early March. It may be delay a month or two. I will keep you up to date. 

WOOOOO THAT WASN'T AS BAD AS I THOUGHT! I hope this helps answer some of your questions. Again, in the next few weeks I will keep you posted with as many updates as possible. 

Love ya! Stay tuned!