Mia's Hope Fund

Over the past 2 years, I have watched this young lady bring life to over 150 women. As a Make-up artist, her annointed talent not only enhanced the beauty of these women, but it helped them all feel BEAUTIFUL and CONFIDENT. Most women amazed to look in the mirror and experience how someone else sees them. Their reactions are always priceless. Their emotions instantly struck, fighting back tears, trying not to smear the canvas.  As an artist, women are Mia's canvas, she takes her time to bring out their best. In that moment, to that woman, all hardships fly out the window, all worries go away, all fears are conquered. Self-confidence is brought to life. No matter what has happened in the life of that women sitting in the chair, in that instant, Mia has helped her see who she really is.

Thoughts from one of those women

"Is that me? Is what I said when I looked in the mirrow. I felt effortless, classy, sophisticated, beautiful and breathtaking." - C.S.

Mia is a wife and mother of three beautiful children and at this moment her family is need. Mia made a post on social media the other day that nearly broke my heart. 

"Wow.....when I was a kid...sometimes my mom had to reach out to a church or two to get help with food through their pantry....I called today and all three churches almost hung up in my face..."

So I wanted to set up a fund to help her family in their time of need. Mia has been on maternity leave and her husband has been laid off from his job during winter months and his part-time job isn't offering very many hours. They are in need of food, help with utilties and diapers for the baby. Also it cost to run a business as a make-up artist and she is low on supplies. She is ready to get back to work, but it has been difficult for her to restock on the make-up products needed to keep her business afloat. 

I'm asking YOU for your help. She needs hope!!! She is passionate about her gift as an artist and what it does to empower women, she loves being a mother and simply wants to help make ends meet for her family.

I've set a goal of $5000 for Mia's Hope Fund. If we can reach this goal, she will be able restock for her business, take care of some bills for a few months and provide food and diapers for her babies. 

Mia deserves hope! She deserves to know their is a GOD who will supply the needs for her family. She deserves to know that everything will be ok and that GOD will make away. She deserves to recieve the same feelings that she has given to so many women that everything is going to be ok. I hope you can help! 

Warm regards,


If you would like to give diapers (size 3)(baby clothes size 9-12 months)(formula Enfamil Premium) or non-perishable foods or even a card with encouraging words the drop off location will be at my office at the Neely House 575 South Royal Street. Suite 18 (upstairs) Jackson, TN 38301. You may drop off Tues-Fri 10 am until 3 pm. If I'm not in the office at the time you stop by you may leave it by the door.

"In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." Matt 5:16

DONATE HERE!  Below is a gallery with a few of the women Mia has helped empower! 

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