Our 1st Christmas in Louisville | Trunetta Atwater Photography

It has become tradition for me to photograph Jaxon on Christmas day. With each session we go through a series of emotions to get the "perfect shot". For our first Christmas in Louisville, I figured today wouldn't be any different. After hours of video games, breakfast, lunch, and Christmas snacks in between, I finally pulled my boy away from the tube and put on his new outfit to take him out for his annual Christmas photos. 

I know him so well I can read his mind! Keep reading to find out.

Mom really, I would rather be inside playing my game.

Are we done yet?

His I don't want to do this stance.

Thinking of every excuse not to take this pictures.

Excuse #1: Mom it is really cold out here!!! 

After 15 minutes of whining and complaining from my 6 year old I was done! This attitude would be the story of our 2015 Christmas pictures and I accepted that. So I walked away, went into the house, put my camera up and started watching TV. Ten minutes later, Jaxon comes out of his room, with his other new sweater, hat, and coat on. He grabbed his new scooter and said, "ok mom I'm ready to give it another try." I don't know if he wanted to wear the other sweater or if he felt bad because he wasn't cooperating. If I had to guess, I would be the latter. I grabbed my camera, he was willing, and we tried again.

I knew he had it in him, that cute smile he gives that absolutely warms my heart. Little did he know I wanted more. Watch this!

Me: Hey LOVER BOY!!! (He came home from school one day and told me he had six girlfriends and he was a lover boy.)

Jax: MOMMA!!!

Jax: Ok, that is it! I'm not doing this anymore! 

Jax: I just can't believe you called me a "Lover Boy" in front of Granny and Grandaddy!

Me: Yes I did, because 20 years from now, I would like for him to look back at what it's like to be a cute 6 year old, in a city of new beginnings, in a loving household, on Christmas day! We are truly blessed and his smile, attitude, and emotions doesn't can't get any better than this! 

Oh I snapped a few shots of the rest of the family too! I hope you enjoy seeing this as much as we enjoyed this entire day. Merry Christmas! -Tru