And the winner is...

Ok, so over the past 3 months, I have been working really hard trying to finish the new studio. I've tackled more DIY projects than I bargained for at one time. Each day I step into the new space and think how much God has blessed me to find my life's purpose and to have the opportunity to fulfill it even when I don't feel worthy enough. The other day, I was riding down the street, meditating, asking God if he could just give me a sign... You know, more confirmation that I'm on this journey because he sent me there. God said clearly, "Tru, I've given you enough signs. I am right here with you." My response was "Awh... OK..." *thinking to myself* I feel so stupid for even asking cause I already knew this. God has a sense of humor, he knew I would be asking anyway.  At that very moment I thought, "Well lets do this!" 

There are a few things on my goal list that I wanted to accomplish in the next few months, but being in a new city, I had no idea where to being. Until God showed me. I picked up a local magazine called "Today's Woman. Inside was everything I needed to start serving in my purpose and events to begin marketing my business. So, in about 4 weeks I plan to market Fancy to a group of women I've never met in a community that I adjusting too. I'm finalizing my branding and new marketing material, the studio is almost complete, and business plan is pretty much ready for execution! Therefore, I decided, there's nothing more rewarding than giving back to a community who has helped me succeed over the past 7 years.

This is why!!!

I have been so blessed and I want to encourage other women to walk by faith as they start or revitalize their careers. I'm fully aware of some to the hardships I had to endure along my journey, so I just want to be a blessing and give back. As a professional woman in business, your vision will excel when operating with excellence and professionalism. Your character and appearance is everything! Especially in service, you can be the best at what you do, but when people can't see it, potential clients will not believe it.  You know the saying goes

"Dress for the position you want, not for the position you have." 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with selfies, but when you are representing your business or marketing yourself in professional profiles such as LinkedIn, to potentially new clients or employers, you want to put you best foot forward!

If you didn't know me and you were in the market for a professional photographer, which photographer would you trust? The Selfie or The Pro Head Shot? Not being biased or anything, but I must say both are pretty cute! Shout out to my friend Megan with MegMc Photography for my headshot!

Now, what you've all been waiting for!!! Fancy over the past 4 years has developed an amazing reputation, that turns an ordinary portrait session for women, into a life changing experience! I'm not just saying that because I was chosen as leader of this movement, but it's pretty much a fact! So any opportunity I have to give back, I know it's going to be truly a blessing to those who receive it! The Business Elite Giveaway was inspired by my new adventures here in Louisville! My focus here is to continue to empower women through my gift of photography!!! Will you be 1 of 5 women to win? Here where the rules...

Posted to FB for 3 days, there were 41 qualifying entries. I wrote each name on cut out circles, folded them in half, put them in my "bad hair day hat" and drew them at random! I attempted to record the drawings with dubsmash but ummmmm, that failed. Any who, in no particular order, the winners are...........................

Congratulations!!!! I look forward to working with you all. I will be in touch tomorrow, via social media with further details!



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