Rachael & Nakia: Lifestyles of the Monconduit and Wooden Family

From NOLA to JACKSON10, the Monconduit-Wooden love began. Welcome to the lifestyle of the Monconduit-Wooden Family! Rachael and Nakia's union went down in the record books...

"Top 5 weddings in Peabody history" - Historic Peabody Staff 
"It was Magical!" - Rachael, The Bride

Magical indeed. Love from the Midsouth with a bit of a New Orleans twist, this wedding celebration left me speechless. If I could use only three words to describe the experience... "Culture of Love". That's it! This experience was a Culture of Love. A combination of New Orleans, LA and Bolivar, TN embraced the love for a traditional Catholic wedding, that was simple, classic, and luxurious. The ceremony was held at St. Mary's Catholic Church, followed by the reception at the Historic Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN. Ending with a bang, The Michael Foster Project 2nd line band of New Orleans, LA led the parade from the Peabody to Beale Street. Giving the city of Memphis and Beale Street a sweet taste from the creole culture and Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA.