Life goes on.

It's been 5 months and 11 days since we moved to Louisville, yet my friends say they see me more now than they did when I was home. This past weekend was the first weekend I've spent in Louisville in 5 weeks. Yikes! Friday hit and my bags weren't packed. Now what? Well, believe it or not, I had a meltdown. I didn't realize letting go would be so difficult. Shouldn't I have realized this by now? I mean, it's been almost 5.5 months already! 

All of last week I decided to unplug from social media and news for a few weeks to refocus my mind on a few personal goals. It's been 10 days (with the exception of logging in this morning for my MUA MIA) and so much has happened. I'm proud to say, i've been eating clean (4 lbs down), exercising, setting and focusing on business goals, and spending lots of time with Jax and Quinton. It's been a breath of fresh air, no negativity, just us... living. Despite unplugging, after logging in this morning I realized life goes on with or without you. WOW! So in this life, how are you making a positive impact on others?