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When I first started photographing women, rather it be boudoir, beauty, or even brides, I didn't really give any thought to hiring a professional make-up artist. Everything about boudoir and beauty photography was new to me, so I had to learn the ropes. In the beginning most of my clients would do their own make-up or I would use my own make-up back to slap on some eye shadow. LOL. Ok I didn't literally slap it on, I took my time and it turned out decent. For weddings, brides usually had on some type of make-up anyway so it wasn't a big deal. However, none of it compared to the finished product of when I began working with professional MUAs. 

Here are my top four reasons why you, photographers and consumers, should work with a professional make-up artist before any portrait session, creative project, or event when you want a flawless look.

1. Knowledge and Skill: Pro MUAs are skilled in their kraft. Applying make-up is more than "slapping" on some lipstick... seriously. They know the ins and outs of the best products to use for your skin type, how to properly prep for your skin texture and match skin tones, as well as how to properly apply and deliver your desired look. 

2. Passion: All Pro MUAs that I've worked with are passionate about their craft! There is something about working with someone full of passion that gives more meaning to your beauty enhancing experience. All things make-up makes a pro grin from ear to ear. Your face is their canvas of creativity. I am a firm believer that passion leads to purpose. The MUAs I have had the privilege to work with allows their passion of make-up as a beauty enhancement for women to lead their purpose of helping women feel good about themselves. Make-up done right is an immediate self-esteem booster and passionate MUAs take pride in knowing they've made someone's day better. Having a bad day? Try red lip color!  

3. Enhance: Make-up enhances what is already beautiful! As a photographer, I find beauty in everyone before the make-up even becomes apart of the equation. A MUA uses her knowledge, skill, talent, and passion to polish your desired look. "But, I don't wear make-up." I've heard this objection several times before. Pro MUAs know apply natural looks without you looking like you even have on make-up. Rather step outside of the box for a bold, sultry look? No problem, make-up has the power to give you a smokey eye, bigger eyes, or even a cat eye.

4. Finished results: You don't have to worry about your make-up melting off of your face on a hot day. No worries about getting out of the chair looking like a clown (when done right). Pro-make up looks great on camera. You will leave feeling and looking 100% flawless.

This week I would like to highlight one of my absolute favorite MUAs of all time! We have worked with so many amazing women in the past 3 years. Her name is MIAFierce, she's the official MUA of Fancy! If I could use 2 words to describe her make-up artistry in addition to the points I listed above, they would be flawless and timeless. Not to mention she has a great spirit! She's hosting a class soon on Make-up Basics soon. If you want to learn how to apply the basics you should sign up by contacting Mia at 731-444-1585. Take a look at some of her work below! GO Team!!! #fancyfierce

Client: Ms. K

Location: Madison Hotel rooftop, Memphis, TN

Setting: Natural Light

MUA: MiaFierce Make-up Artistry

Mia in action!!!

Client: Mrs. Harrell and Bridesmaids

Location: Double Tree Hotel and Suites of Larue, Jackson, TN

The Fancy Fierce business elite headshot collection! 


Meet Mia and her before and after transformation!!!