The Studio + Part 1 | Louisville, KY Wedding, Lifestyle, and Boudoir Photographer

Have you ever worked on a project extremely important to you and after months it seems as if you're never going to get finished? Well yeah, that has been me for months. I have spent my entire summer traveling from Kentucky to Tennessee making an effort to spend time with my family and serving new and seasoned clients as I work towards transitioning my business. If you are new at following my "Fancy" life, via Instagram and Facebook, you may not have known that I've relocated to Louisville, KY! However, my friends tell me I'm home so much, Jackson, TN, that they don't believe I actually moved. They see me more now than I did when I lived there. So for most of the summer the studio space I leased months ago, to start my new journey, has been sitting there waiting on me to finish all the D.I.Y. projects I started in April! YIKES!

Don't panic! It will be well worth the wait!  

After months of summer fun, I spent a few days this week applying a few finishing touches to the space. This has by far been the biggest project I've ever worked on that included so many D.I.Y tasks!!! I decided it would be best to break down revealing "The Studio" into a three part serious! Why, because writing it all in one post would be rather lengthly. The thoughts, effort and love put into this space has been motivated by Faith. Everything has a meaning and I want to tell you about it. I also would like to share the D.I.Y. details of the make-over (what inspired the design and hot to work with a minimal budget). 

Let's begin!

The Studio + Part 1 | The Sneak Peek

Yesterday, I took my son into the studio to photograph him for his 6th birthday. He didn't quite cooperate like I expected, but the space did. Man oh man did I get super excited to see this all come together! Welcome to the studio located in the Mellwood Arts Center here in Louisville, KY! We will go into more detail in parts two and three. Until then, here are a few sneak peeks for your viewing pleasure!!! Enjoy!

Office + Client Meeting Area

Make-up + Dressing Room

A peek at the studio area! Did I mention I photograph boudoir? So of course there is a bed!

Do you like chandeliers? You will love this one! 

Oh, meet Jax, my smart, compassionate, and energetic six year old! 

Fancy That,