How to let go and start doing You!


Girl I've been there! One day I found myself trapped in a whirlwind of depression and for months I was drowning in what seemed like a pool of 💩. 

It wasn't until I let go and started doing me again, that I became free! 

The freedom in me is all still fresh. My last therapy session was about a month ago, I  turned 35 and decided I'd take back my life. It's been 43 days and life has been GOOD! So good that I'm excited about it being amazing again!

How did it turn around so fast? Well it wasn't a fast process, but I did make it through the storm. My life changed, cause I wanted it to. 

So let me go ahead and help a sista out and let you know a few steps I took to let go and and start doing me.

Here are my top 5 steps on "How to let go and start doing you." 

1. Prayer

I do give God all the credit for turning my situation around. I don't know how spiritual you are, but I couldn't pull myself out of this rut alone. I seriously looked to God to show me which way to go. I prayed, he gave me answers, and I followed his direction. I had to bite my pride and surrender. I had to let GO!  Letting go is hard, but when you want change in your life, you really don't have any other option. Let God take control. 

2. Look Forward 

I never really looked forward to my birthday, like I did this year! Thirty-four was one of the toughest years of my life and I came to a point where I was just over it. I was ready for thirty-five. A new chapter. A new beginning. I didn't have to wait to start that new chapter, but for me, making it to thirty-five would be the birth of a new me. I learned so many valuable lessons in thirty-four, I just needed that chapter to close. For about six or seven months I looked forward to turning thirty-five. I must say the wait was worth it. On my birthday, everything shifted. Everything that I had been longing for, began to surface. I'm forty-three days in and I can already say this year of my life is going to be the best, cause I'm actually looking forward to making it the best.  

3. Find your happy place daily.

One thing I do daily that makes me happy is opening my window blinds to let the natural light it my home. It may not seem like much, but it makes me happy! That's apart of doing me! What's that one thing that makes you happy daily? 

4.  Activate your dreams.

I'm no stranger to activating my dreams. My dreams in life are connected to who I am. I let go of everything that didn't matter and started working on the things that matter to me the most. My focus is no longer surrounded by anyone else. My dreams are my own so in order for them to come true, I must continue to put things in action to make them happen. 

5. Learn to go with the flow.

Life is too short for stress, learn to go with the flow.  LET GO and flow! Let go, pray, find that happy place, look forward to something in you, about you, or for you, make your dreams come true, and just flow in being you. 

Fancy That!