Me as Barbie

Just like Barbie "you can be anything" you want to be. Sounds cliche I know, but seriously, nothing stopped me from even being Barbie! My son picked at me cause he told me I wasn't a kid anymore and dressing up as Barbie for Halloween wasn't age appropriate. My response and what I've been saying for almost two months now, I'm 35 and living life exactly the way I want to! 

We had a Halloween Housewarming party this past weekend and after weeks of searching and a limited budget, I finally figured out what I would be the day before the party! Creating this costume only cost me $4 and brought so much happiness to my life! Happiness in my life is a priority and creating it is my own personal self-care. So if I have to play dress up as my favorite childhood toy to be happy, then so be it.

The Costume 

I'm all about DIY projects and staying within budget, so know I pulled this off under budget made me extremely happy to. I love being able to create using random items not being utilized around the house. Here is how I created my Fancy Barbie look!

Budget $10

Spent $4.23

Items Used 

Canvas Box, Scissors, masking tape, black cardstock, cricut machine, glue stick, dress from my closet, and an afro wig from storage. 

Items Purchased

1 roll of pink and polka dotted double side wrapping paper from Wal-Mart. ($4.23)


Everything was so simple, I used pinterest and google images to gather the main idea. I then cut the box to mimic a Barbie box, wrapped it in the wrapping paper, cut the letters using my cricut, put in my dress, wig, and some make-up, and VOILA. I was Famcy Barbie!!! 

The Empowerment

Our Tv stays on the Nickelodeon channel so Barbie commercials were playing in my ear all day. I'm thinking, do I want to be career Barbie, beach Barbie, holiday Barbie... Barbie says "you can be anything". I'm going to be a limited edition Fancy Barbie!!! Fancy is who I am, fancy is what I do! 

Fancy Barbie, inspires and empowers women to find their purpose and follow their dreams!  I even used my office to be Fancy Barbie's Dream Studio! Y'all I truly felt like I had brought my childhood dream of being Barbie to life with this costume. 

This costume gave me peace making it and made me smile wearing it! I'm usually stepping outside the box, but this time I stepped into the box of who I am! My question to you is, if you were Barbie, who would you be?

Fancy That!