Fancy: There's an envelope for that.

I can hear my therapist say, "find that one thing that makes you happy today!"  You will now and forever hear me talk about the importance of self-care! Yes do something that gives you butterflies and a peace of mind!

Last week, I began to focus on my 2018 goals. I have goals for my home, family, business, health, and finances! So I figured I would combine everything in one place. I have never been able to find a planner that fits my needs so I decide to learn how to bullet journal and create one. I purchased an 8x10 creative notebook journal from Barnes and Noble, did some research on Pinterest for ideas, and boom this is already the beginning of something amazing! However, I'll go into those details on a different day.

Recently my household switched our budgeting system so that we are maximizing our incoming cash flow. My second project consisted of making a custom cash envelope system! If you don't know what cash envelopes are, check out Dave Ramsey's, financial peace course or just google it. The system is designed for the use of cash only. While budgeting, each envelope is specific to the items you need and want for your household. If there isn't money in that envelope, you can't spend it. If there is, you are limited to what's in it! Sounds strict, I know, but it's better when you tell your money where to go, before it's gone and you don't know what happened to it. 

The idea of having a budget that works is so exciting to me! Now I have the tools to get and keep us on track. So Experince Fancy... Put it in your journal and create an envelope for that! 

Fancy That