That ONE thing no one tells you about being a wife.

Think of that one thing that you wish someone told you about being wifey! 

I can think of a few, however there is one of which I resonated with the most in 2017. After 12 years of marriage, I thought I had figured it out. Because life is ever evolving, figuring someone else out is pretty much impossible. Most of the time we can't even figure ourselves out, let alone figuring out our spouse. Right?

So I wanted to share with you that one thing that no-one told me about being a wife when I married 12 years ago. 

That one thing is:


What exactly do I mean by self complete? 

Well, what I did figure out... two incomplete people can't complete each other. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that you should be complete before you ever think about love and marriage, although it would help. 

I'm saying your marriage should be a bonus to your self completion. If you don't completely know who you are as an individual, how can you possibly know who you are as a wife? Ask yourself, what is my overall view of myself in life without my spouse? Am I complete or does my spouse  complete me? We should know the answer to those questions and it we don't we definitely should be seeking to find them. 

Cause here is the thing, some days you might not like your spouse. You may love them, but you might not like them. On those days do of you not liking your spouse, do you still like you?

Until Next Wednesday!