Fancy Friday Highlight - Mrs. Henderson

We were both nervous! Chanel and I. We are sistographers. It's nerve wrecking to photograph a fellow photographer and just as much being on the other side as the subject! Well let me just say, we giggled a lot and these images turned out super hot! Newly married, Chanel surprised her new hubby on their wedding day with a little something Fancy. He was very happy by this surprised!

However the greatest impact is the new confidence Chanel found! She's a pretty confident women, but this shoot eliminated any doubt left. 

"Now when I walk past the mirror, I stop and say YES girl!" -Chanel

Chanel! The only way I can describe how we got here, is "Oooooooooo Girl!"

Fancy That


Chanel Wells-029M.jpg
Chanel Wells-005mbw.jpg
“Dre and I loved my surprise boudoir session.”
— Chanel Well-Henderon
Chanel Wells-010bw.jpg
Chanel Wells-037m.jpg