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Big Earrings and Afros : Fancy Summer '17 Day Retreat

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If you've followed my work, you may have noticed I've been on a break for a while. However, during that break I realized that I'd almost given up on what God has been telling me to do time and time and time again. That's empowering women through photography. I knew 5 years ago that Fancy would transition to more than just a photographic experience for women to step outside of their box and discover who they are. Last year was the 5th year transition period. I knew the transition was happening and I wasn't quite sure how it would happen. What I didn't know is that God would allow things in my personal life to happen that would completely break me down so that he could build me up for this call. 

As women we carry so much on our shoulders and sometimes we just need to step back or step out and celebrate JUST WHO WE ARE, so we will know where we are going! So with much prayer, pleading, and compromising with GOD, Fancy is Back! I want you to be apart of it. 

What you know as an empowering portrait experience has evolved into Empowerment Retreats. So going forward you can experience the best of both worlds! 

BIG EARRINGS AND AFROS is the beginning of a tour of Exclusive Day retreats and portrait experiences that identifies YOU! You will group together with myself and 9 other women, to retreat and share stories about Living with AFROS and the love of Big Earrings! Sounds cliche a bit... not really, trust me. If you have never experienced Fancy before, I guarantee you that you will walk away with your life forever changed! 

So here are the details without me spilling all the beans of fun! 


In order to make this retreat happen, I must have 10 women to commit! (due to planning location and reservations) No more, no less... WE NEED 10!!! So make sure to tell you BFF she should come too! 

DATE: JUNE 17, 2017

TIME:  11 AM - 11 PM

COST: $250 (I won't convince you that it's an investment. Nothing worth having or doing is free.) 

Payment Options:

1. $250 Pay in full to reserve your spot.

2. $125 non refundable deposit due to reserve your spot, balance of $125 is due by June 9th at noon. (No late payments will be accepted and deposit will be forfeited.)

Payment Options


Retreat Details: 

Ladies Brunch: TBA (Locally Black Owned Restaurant)

Portrait Experience by Me (Mini individual session and Big Earrings and Afros Group Session)

Professional Make by MiaFierce Make-up Artistry 

Ladies Night Out: Whitney Houston vs. Mariah Carey Tribute at Mercy Lounge

Jewelry Sponsored by Indigo Rose Boutique.

***Afro required to be included in group photo session only***

Upon booking, you will receive weekly updates on locations, directions, and what color scheme to wear for your portrait session. We will be doing mini individual sessions along with group sessions, so we will need to coordinate colors. Digital or print images are not included in the Day retreat rate, but will be available for purchase a few weeks after the shoot. Portrait purchase is not required to enjoy this amazing retreat. 

Ladies! This is an experience you don't want to miss! I can't wait to experience this with you! 

To reserve your spot, simply email me back and say "I'm Ready!"

This info will be released to the public tomorrow! DON'T MISS OUT! 

Fancy That,


Payment Options