The day I quit my job to pursue photography full time, God told me "I will use you to be an example for women." At that moment, I didn't quite understand what He meant by it. After over four years of self discovery, a few trips to Paris, and working with hundreds of women, I figured out my passion for photography help lead me to my purpose in life.

I absolutely love photographing the beautiful life of a woman. Every experience and story is unique and deserves to be told. Today, I'm living out my own story as I document the lives of others. Based in Louisville, KY, I am a full time Wife, Mother, Photographer and Life Coach. I specialize in photographing and coaching women. My clients call me the "photo therapist". Yes, their portrait experience is better than therapy! I also enjoy documenting weddings. Fancy is my story, it's been life changing for me and the women I worked with over the years. You will hear me talk about it, reference it, and live it. I want YOU to experience it.


Fancy exists to: Empower ALL women to overcome and transcend the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional demands of life thru encouraging their love for self, embracing their God given talent, and inspiring them to maximize every Amazing moment that life has to offer.

Before Photography

Before photography found me, I was building a career in the financial services and management. When I graduated high school and went off to college, my goal was to one day own a bank. Promoted from teller to management within a short eight months out of college, I was well on my way. In 2008, crash, went the financial market and to me financial services wasn't the same. I switched companies and a few years later, I found myself unhappy at work, feeling stuck with no motivation. 

In Sept of 2011, an aspiring photographer, I attended WPPIU (photography conference) one weekend in Atlanta. Long story short, I left more motivated than ever to pursue this passion of being a photographer. I received a sign and knew without a doubt I could make it work. October 2011, I went on a fast and I prayed for God's direction for my life. He was very clear about what He wanted me to do. I was ready and willing to take the leap. On a "Whim" I quit. A B.B.A. in Finance, a M.B.A, and 15 years of experience later I found myself enjoying life as an creative entrepreneur. 

My Journey, by Faith.

Being a photographer is a faith walk. It didn't happen by chance. The opportunity to adventure and discover dreams has filled me with a glorious joy that gives me an inner peace. My prayer is for God to send me those He needs me to help with my gift. The sacrifice, learning from mistakes, and failures will never out weigh the feeling I get when working with those who believed and given me an opportunity to document the beauty of their life. For that, I am forever grateful. To me, that is success. 

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.