Live Your Truth!

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I coach women on how to live their authentic TRUth in their lives and relationships.

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You should never have to sacrifice your emotions to prove your strength as a woman seeking purpose and feminine energy. TRUTH is, a lot of times we allow the emotions we feel from life's experiences to hinder our personal growth. We find ourselves embedded in our thoughts not knowing which way to turn or even where to start. 

Ask yourself this...


If the answer is no, it's because you spend all your time thinking about how you would like to live your best, instead of spending your time cultivating and living the life you desire.

I can help you “GET YOUR LIFE” all the way together! 

I help women find clarity, manifest confidence, and gain power over their lives.


I challenge women to discover, embrace, and nurture their individuality in their relationships.  

Read my story.


Before you can move forward in living in authentic truth and being the absolute best version of self, you must first accept where you are. Quit being stuck between Jesus and Cardi B and go and find the TRUe you! I coach women with their OWN truth. WHY? Because I truly believe the truth will set you free...


So, you might get mad at some of life's experiences, but it's time to let that go and LIVE. LIVE YOUR TRUTH IN FULL FREEDOM!

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My Story

In 2011, I quit my job on a "whim" and began the journey of Fancy which helps women discover their true beauty from the inside out. My vision began as a boudoir "more intimate" portrait session for women who were eager to discover a side of themselves that captured and captivated their beauty through portraiture. With every session being so unique as the woman I photograph, each Fancy Experience lead to more of an therapeutic empowerment session and great images just happened to be a bonus! I thought to myself, every woman needs this experience, every women needs to Experience Fancy!

Working with so many women over the years, I discovered that we all have two main things in common... WE as women simply want to BE OURSELVES and BE UNDERSTOOD. I also found out that those two things are very difficult to achieve in our demanding day to day lifestyles. MY personal evolution has required purging, learning, and even unlearning things that I thought were once true.  Even with life's challenges, I have always believed once you learn to truly love who you are on the outside, then you have the ability to bring out your natural gifts from within.

Fast forward to late 2016, a major shift began happening in my life that I could not quite figure out. I had this dark cloud of depression over my head that affected me, my marriage, family, and business. Long story short, life hit me so hard, I said I would never empower, inspire, or even work another woman again. By God's grace I didn't give up on life.

My tribe helped pull me through the difficult time. God sent the right people at the right time to aid in my healing. I specifically asked God if he would let me make it to age 35 years old and to see my 12th wedding anniversary, I would completely surrender to what he has been leading me to do for years. I had to work on me first. For the past 28 months, I have faithfully worked on my life, my spirit, and my mission. 

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I survived depression. I overcame anxiety. I survived infidelity. I took my life back. I found my why.

My purpose to change the lives of other women now had a deeper meaning. I looked in the mirror and saw a woman who didn't quit, a woman who owned all of her shit and decided to clean it up, and live her best life!

Coach Tru exist because I didn't quit!


is to empower all women to overcome and transcend the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional demands of life through encouraging their love for self, embracing their God given talent, and inspiring them to maximize every amazing moment that life has to offer.


Because of those experiences and my desire to see women happy with the lives they live, I set out on a more serious mission to Coach other women and wives to take their lives back and own who they are as a person and in their marriages. My vision is to continue this mission of inspiring other women to discover their truth and their God given talents so they may use those gifts and talents to live that satisfying life they've always dreamed about.