You should never have to sacrifice your emotions to prove your strength as a creative, a business owner, a wife, or a woman seeking her purpose. TRUTH is, a lot of times we allow the emotions we feel from life's experiences to hinder our personal growth. We find ourselves embedded in our thoughts not knowing which way to turn or even where to start. 

Ask yourself this...


If the answer is no, it's because you spend all your time thinking about how you will live your best, instead of spending your time living your best life.

I can help you GET YOUR LIFE! 

My Fancy Philosophy is to empower all women to overcome and transcend the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional demands of life through encouraging their love for self, embracing their God given talent, and inspiring them to maximize every amazing moment that life has to offer.

As a business coach, I teach solopreneurs to value their creative ideas and challenge them to bring those ideas to life.

As a wife coach, I challenge women to discover, embrace, and nurture their individuality in their relationships. 

Before you can move forward in living your absolute best, you must first accept where you are. Quit being stuck between Jesus and Cardi B and go and find the TRUe you!

I coach women with their OWN truth. WHY? Because I truly believe when Jesus said...

Then you will know the TRUth, and the TRUth will set you free.
— Matthew 8:32


The TRUth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”
— Lemon - N.E.R.D. & Rihanna

So, you might get mad at some of life's experiences, but it's time to let that go and LIVE. LIVE YOUR TRUTH IN FULL FREEDOM!