Wife Guard 21 Day Challenge
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Wife Guard Challenge is 21 day SELF-CARE intensive challenge. In those 21 days these wives and women will be guided daily by Coach Tru to proactively take care of their individual self-care needs.

Who is Wife Guard For?

💍 This is for women who survived infidelity in their marriage and decided to stay, but don't know how to move past their pain.

💍 This is for women who are unsure of what really makes them happy outside of their marriage.

💍 This is for women who have lost themselves somewhere along the way and are seeking to rediscover, reinvent and take charge of their 

self esteem, so that they can live their best life and be the best wife.

Wife Guard Challenge Goals


  • Make time for yourself and enjoy it.

  • Be productive and feel accomplished.


  • Being positive

  • Eliminating distractions

  • Creating a routine

  • Seeing and loving yourself


  • Goal Setting

  • Personal Priorities

  • Pursue Self-Love and Care