"I don't go undone."

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Momma Tippy, may I take your picture?

“Oh, I’ve never had a portrait before. Hold on let me get my rangs, I gotta have my other rang.

I don’t never do undone. This is me everyday, my nails, my rangs, my make-up, and nice clothes, do you hear me? Even before I met their daddy. I’ve been this way my whole life. And my girls, I used to dress them so pretty too. It’s a certain way you just have to carry yourself.

I got Christ in my heart too.

I pray for all of y’all at night. When the spirit of the Lord tells me to pray for peoples, I pray. I prayed with a a lady outside the other day too.

(Tippy, Tennessee)

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Photo Therapy a passion project by Trunetta Atwater | Louisville, KY photographer

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