"I must be happy!"


“I choose to live life to the fullest. I am a full time Corporate Accountant, full time mother of 3 (ages 26, 24 and 5) and a full time caregiver for my husband of 15 years. I am currently seeing a therapist for my caregivers depression and emotional fatigue. For the last 14 years, I have dedicated every ounce of my being to caring for my husband who has several chronic illnesses and my young son. I didn’t care about my personal appearance or filling my Love tank. I have recently decided that I need care too.

I’m making it a priority to include self care in the midst of caring for others.

I must be happy!”

(41, Kentucky)

Follow along this journey with us and allow this project to speak to you and share your story to speak to others.

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I hope you choose to share your story too.

Photo Therapy a passion project by Trunetta Atwater | Louisville, KY photographer