Saying "NO" wasn't my problem.

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I was thinking earlier about a time in my life when saying “NO” wasn’t a problem. I said yes to many things out of ignorant obligation. I used to think saying yes would make me a better person. I’m a “I can do all things” type of girl so when I saw a need, I stepped in. I learned to be a servant to many. I never said NO! EVER. When people would ask me if I could or would do things, I would always say yes. Then at some point I would experience burn-out on my overly committed obligations. Most times my plate would be so full of things I really didn't want to do. Doing those things was the right thing to do, so I thought.

Then I realized last week, people weren’t really asking to commit to that much.

Instead, I was actively volunteering myself for people, places, and situations I felt needed my help.

Saying “no” wasn’t my problem at all, volunteering without being asked was.

When I stopped volunteering, my plate full of unwanted obligations no longer existed. Isn’t that amazing?

I’m not saying I’ll never volunteer or say yes again. What I am saying is I only say yes and volunteer for the things I which truly fit my lifestyle. And I’m a okay with that! Just that quick stress can be eliminated in your life too.

What’s one thing you can say “NO” to? What’s the other thing on your plate you no longer want to do? Let go of it.

Do that this week! Be intentional with your personal peace. It’s worth it.

Fancy That,